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The Northwest Regional Cancer Center is a cancer treatment center in Winfield, Alabama. At our clinic, we offer hematology-oncology, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.


Hematology-oncology, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are all methods of killing cancerous cells and shrinking tumors. Hematology oncology is most effective for cancers like leukemia, myelomas, and lymphoma: all of which affect the lymphatic system, bone marrow, and blood cells. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can effectively treat a broader range of cancers.


At the Northwest Regional Cancer Center, we have a professional team of oncologists who can determine the best treatment path for you. We devise individual treatment plans for all of our patients to get the best possible outcome. Your path to recovery won’t always be easy, but our skilled, compassionate medical professionals will be by your side every step of the way.


Receive Quality Cancer Treatment in Winfield, AL

The Northwest Regional Cancer Center is part of Alabama Cancer Care. As an oncology and hematology practice, we are dedicated to finding new technology and treatment through continued research. To do so, we maintain affiliations with hospitals, including Vanderbilt, UAB, Emory, and MD Anderson.


When you visit The Northwest Regional Cancer Center, you can be confident you receive the highest quality care from certified professionals. To schedule a consultation at our cancer treatment center in Winfield, Alabama, call 205- 487-4405 or complete our contact form.

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