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Welcome, you are only a few steps away from joining the team of healthcare professionals at Alabama Cancer Care.
Alabama Cancer Care is always looking for goal orientated, caring and nurturing staff members for our multiple Alabama locations, to bring quality and professional care to the patients we serve. If you are interested in joining one of our dynamic teams at any of our 10 locations please email your resume with a cover letter to or submit the form below to get more information on our available positions.

Current Jobs Available:

Radiation Therapist

Alabama Cancer Care is currently seeking a Radiation Therapist to join our team, at multiple locations throughout our service area. You will be part of a growing team providing high quality healthcare to our patients, throughout the communities we serve.

ACTIVE JOB: Radiation Therapist (RTT)

Looking for : RTT responsible for providing professional care to patients with oncologic diseases receiving Radiation. Primary duties include assisting physicians by delivering external beam irradiation and performing CT Simulation for treatment planning purposes. Coordinates patient care with other members of the department to ensure quality and convenience of patient care. RTT must use critical thinking abilities in the evaluation, assessment, and care of patients. Must be able to concise and timely document care of patient; must be a team player, have initiative, set priorities, and at times function in a very fast paced demanding environment. Must have ability to interpret, adapt and apply guidelines and procedures and perform other duties as assigned.

Job Type: Full-time

Human Resources Manager:

Emily Shaw

Tel: 1-205-366-9740


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