Alabama Cancer Care helps Struggling Cancer Patients with “Get ’em There Care” Care that Carries

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Cancer Patients have many struggles during their treatment journey. There are so many issues to work out, one of which is getting back and forth to their treatment. Today’s fuel prices are on the rise with no indication of slowing down. This is complicating treatment for many patients.

The mission of Alabama Cancer Care is to provide care and treatment to those in rural areas close to home, with most of their ten locations being in smaller towns. For many of the cancer patients getting treatment at ALCC, lack of transportation creates significant barriers to receiving life-saving treatment. This could severely affect the outcome of some patients.

According to a press announcement on the American Cancer Society website about the transportation funding grant, transportation is the third most cited barrier to accessing health services. Every year, 3.6 million people in the United States do not obtain medical care due to transportation issues. Transportation issues include lack of vehicle access, inadequate infrastructure, long distances, and lengthy times to reach needed services, transportation costs, and adverse policies that affect travel.

Recently, Alabama Cancer Care collaborated with the American Cancer Society to provide transportation assistance to their patients. A $10,000 grant from the American Cancer Society’s transportation assistance fund was awarded to Alabama Cancer Care.

“At Alabama Cancer Care, our patients are our number one priority. We understand that finding the time, money, and resources to receive cancer treatment can become a burden for many, that is why we were excited to have partnered with the American Cancer Society to help our patients in need of transportation,” said Ross Sloan, Community Physician Liaison.

Alabama Cancer Care decided to call the initiative “Get ‘em there care” Care that Carries. The assistance Alabama Cancer Care patients will receive is in the form of gas cards, bus passes, taxi fares and more.

Cancer patients who are affected negatively by the rise in fuel prices or are struggling to get to their treatment are candidates for the “Get ‘em there care” assistance.

“Our cancer centers are rooted in providing world-class cancer treatment to our patients and local communities. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, let Alabama Cancer Care walk with you step by step. With Alabama Cancer Care, you are more than just a number, you’re family!” exclaimed Sloan.

If you are a patient of Alabama Cancer Care and in need of assistance, contact your Alabama Cancer Care office today.