Daniel Sufficool

Dr. Daniel Sufficool MD of Radiology Oncology

Daniel Sufficool, MD, Radiation Oncology

Daniel Sufficool, MD, Radiation Oncology


Dr. Daniel Sufficool was born and raised in a town near Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate of Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in International Rescue and Relief. His experience delivering healthcare in the jungles of east Nicaragua inspired him to obtain a Medical Degree at the prestigious Loma Linda University.


Loma Linda’s philosophy of Whole Person Care (a focus on not just the physical needs of a patient, but the spiritual and emotional needs as well) spoke to him so he chose to complete his specialization training in Radiation Oncology at Loma Linda University as well. During his training he conducted and was involved in the latest radiation research, publishing multiple articles in the prevailing oncology journals. He was also extensively involved in quality improvement projects, ensuring safe, high quality, compassionate care for his patients.


Dr. Sufficool has six years of experience in Radiation Oncology with a special interest in Stereotactic Radiotherapy, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer. He was proud to be an active member of his community and church in California and has been looking forward to bringing that same service to his community here in Alabama.


In his free time, Dr. Sufficool enjoys reading, hiking, motorcycling, and will soon be starting a family in his new home here. Although he was never a fan of football, he’s been told all it takes is seeing one game live in Alabama and he’ll be hooked. So if you see him at a game, feel free to give him a big welcome as he works to continue the quality care you’ve come to expect from the Alabama Cancer Care team.