Dr. Dinesh Parmar, Medical Oncology/Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Dinesh Parmar, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist


Dr. Dinesh Parmar is an internal medicine specialist in Gadsden and Fort Payne, AL. Dr. Parmar started his practice in Gadsden in 1978 and has been practicing there for over 40 years. He formally retired in 2010, but still continues to practice medicine two days a week with Alabama Cancer Care of Gadsden and Fort Payne. He graduated from medical college Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao University. He served as the Chief of Medical staff at Riverview Medical Hospital and Gadsden Regional Hospital during his years of practice. He also served as the Chairman of the Tumor Board committee at Gadsden Regional. Dr. Parmar was an instrumental internist of the Tumor Cancer Programs of Gadsden, AL. He serves the community weekly with food and drinks for the homeless. Dr. Parmar has three children, a beautiful wife, and five grandchildren that he loves dearly.