Non Chemo Infusions


Alabama Cancer Care is capable of meeting infusion needs besides those of Chemotherapy.  We run a complete infusion center, that can handle infusions for multiple chronic diseases. These include medication to aid in the treatment of Gastrointestinal issues and immunotherapy, just to name a couple. If you are in need of any intravenous therapy, have your physician contact one of our offices. We may be able to work, in collaboration with your physician, to provide the medication that you are prescribed.

Oral Targeted Therapy


Cancer Therapy is rapidly advancing. Molecular profiling of cancer is the order of the day, and it leads to the discovery of various mechanisms and pathways, which in turn, leads to the survival of cancer cells. It has also led to the discovery of different targeted therapies that are curing and treating cancers. Most of these drugs are oral drugs targeting specific pathways like tyrosine kinase inhibitors, VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor) pathways, (Epidermal growth factor inhibitor) EGFR inhibitors, hedgehog inhibitors, etc. for a wide variety of cancers. Alabama Cancer Care is pleased to offer our Oral Targeted Therapy program under the guidance of our resident experts. Providing rapid and easy access to these pharmaceutical drugs to meet your needs as a patient.