Emma Arquitola

Emma Arquitola, Nurse Practitioner at Alabama Cancer Care of Ft. Payne

Emma Arquitola, Nurse Practitioner

Emma Arquitola, Nurse Practitioner


Emma Arquitola is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Board-certified by The American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Mrs. Emma completed a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippians. She then earned a Master of Science degree in Nursing from South University in Montgomery, AL.


Mrs. Emma began her nursing career at age 22, focusing on public health, medical-surgical care, management, nephrology, and emergency nursing. She enjoyed several years of R.N. before beginning her education to become a nurse practitioner. She works with ALCC’s dynamic medical oncologist and hematologist to help patients achieve their health goals and maintain patients’ desired quality of life during the entire span of cancer treatments.


She also enjoys living in Rainbow City, AL with her husband, son, and two daughters. As a family, They have a passion for outdoor activities and sports.