Alabama Cancer Care: Radiation Therapy in Montgomery, AL Clinic

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Alabama Cancer Care: Radiation Therapy in Montgomery, AL Clinic


At Alabama Cancer Care, we’re committed to providing our patients with top of the line cancer treatment and healthcare matched with empathy, understanding, and respect. We provide top-quality care in your community so that you can receive our services and treatment close to home. 

When you receive cancer treatment at an Alabama Cancer Care Center, you can be sure that not only are you becoming part of a family environment, but you’re experiencing quality care from a seasoned, knowledgeable team of doctors with the health industry’s best machines and radiation therapies. 


Alabama Cancer Care: Radiation Therapy in Montgomery, AL Clinic


With clinics across the state of Alabama, each of our Alabama Cancer Care centers embodies our core values and pursues each patient according to their individual needs. Our health professionals are constantly incorporating new research and implementing new patient care practices to find the best course of treatment. 


Radiation Therapy at Alabama Cancer Care


Alabama Cancer Care offers the industry standard for radiation therapy. With more than half of all people with cancer receiving radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment, this service is a top priority for us.

Radiation therapy is a complicated and technical treatment option, but it has shown substantial results for patients. Radiation therapy uses targeted energy to destroy cancer cells, shrink tumors, and alleviate cancer-related symptoms. 

At Alabama Cancer Care, we use advanced radiation technologies such as Rapid Arc Therapy (RAT) and High Definition Multi-Leaf Collimator (HDMLC) based Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) to our local residents in Alabama. 

When you come to one of our Alabama Cancer Care centers, you will be walked through your diagnosis, cancer treatment plan options, what to expect from radiation therapy, and any questions you may have. 

We’re here for you. We gladly take the time with each of our patients to be understanding, thorough, and helpful along each step of the journey. 


Montgomery Cancer Care Center’s New Radiation Machine


Our Radiation Oncology department brings each patient the very best in comprehensive radiation services. External beam radiation therapy is the most common radiation therapy. Radiation therapy using an external beam is a local treatment, meaning that the radiation treats a specific part of your body. 

In our Montgomery clinic, Alabama Cancer Care has received a new external beam radiation machine. This new machine is a complex device called a Linear Accelerator, which doctors use to pinpoint high energy radiation.


Benefits of the Radiation Machine


“The new machine allows us to better pinpoint cancer in the body and to give higher doses of radiation than we have been able to give in the past,” says Dr. Thomas Beatrous, Director of Radiation Oncology at Cancer Care Center of Montgomery. “Essentially, this new machine will help to improve cure rates because of its efficiency.” 

With this new machine, Alabama Cancer Care patients have access to the same technology as those offered at academic centers and larger hospitals. 

“This radiation machine can give pinpointed radiation treatment while it’s moving around the body. This process results in higher doses to the infected area while missing the organs,” says Dr. Beautrous. “We can get radiation therapy delivered safely and quickly.”  

With the new radiation machine targeting much more precisely, our radiation therapy treatment for patients is far more accurate. Ultimately, Alabama Cancer Care receiving such a pristine radiation machine for administering external beam radiation therapy will have a positive effect on each cancer patient.


Alabama Cancer Care: Expertise in a Family Environment


Visiting a clinic at Alabama Cancer Care ensures a high-quality experience with qualified health professionals who are compassionate, qualified, and knowledgeable. With amenities such as a new radiation machine in Montgomery and wonderful facilities throughout the state, you can be sure that you are receiving the best cancer care in Alabama.

Our doctors will follow each of their cancer patients throughout the course of their cancer treatment and into their follow-up appointments. Most of our physicians even give out their personal cell phone numbers to patients in case of any problems. 

“We never want our patients to feel forgotten or misunderstood,” says Dr. Beatrous. “Most of the time, patients have ‘scan-xiety’ while waiting for their results from a scan or blood test. Because we know care about our patients, we don’t delay in getting results back to them. We want to be there for them to calm their anxiety and worry.” 

At Alabama Cancer Care, you receive the top of the line cancer care while surrounded by a team of doctors that genuinely care about you.


Your Alabama Cancer Care Radiation Therapy Care Team

At Alabama Cancer Care, we offer compassionate cancer care from medical specialists who come together for your treatment plan. We hope you consider Alabama Cancer Care. Allow our expert physicians to help you find your best road to recovery.

Contact us in our offices in Anniston at (256) 847-3369, Ft. Payne at (256) 845-3500, Gadsden at (256) 547-0536, Montgomery at (334) 273-8877, and Sylacauga at (256) 245-0297.