New Cancer Clinic to open in Selma, AL

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New Cancer Clinic to open in Selma, AL

For those living in Selma, it’s been a difficult journey to finding convenient healthcare and cancer treatment options. With the closest metropolis 45 minutes away in Prattville, cancer patients in Selma have been in desperate need of a cancer clinic located in their town.  

At Alabama Cancer Care, we provide top-quality care to your community. Our goal is to provide consistent care that beginning with trust and hope. As Alabama residents ourselves, we’re dedicated to our communities. We want to provide the best cancer care to enhance your life and help you find your best road to recovery.

We’re so excited to announce the opening of the Cancer Care Center of Selma, a full-service cancer clinic that offers healthcare service in Hematology and Oncology, as well as Urology.

Alabama’s Cancer Care Center of Selma: Close to Home

Cancer Care Center of Selma is located on the campus of Vaughan Regional Medical Center. This spring, the clinic will install a new linear accelerator that will be used for radiation therapy on-site.

With the addition of this clinic, Selma residents and other Dallas County patients will have the option of visiting Vaughan Regional Medical Center instead of traveling to a nearby city for cancer treatment.

The Cancer Care Center of Selma is staffed with medical experts in their respective fields:

Joining the Alabama Cancer Care team of specialist doctors will be highly-qualified and experienced medical professionals, nurses, physicians, medical assistants, and other staff members. 

The Cancer Care Center of Selma will offer chemotherapy, infusion therapy, and radiation therapy five days a week. Dr. Sengar, the medical oncologist, and Dr. Sanford, the radiation oncologist, will be on-site in Selma for two days each week.

Urology Services

Additionally, Dr. Bankston will offer a full range of urology services at the clinic. These services include treatment for cancer of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and testes. He will also offer treatment for noncancer issues like kidney stones, incontinence, and reproductive health. Dr. Bankston, the clinic’s urologist, will come to Selma at least once a week.

Shorter commute for Selma cancer patients

The primary benefit of the addition of the
Cancer Care Center of Selma is undoubtedly the convenience and local support that this clinic brings to the cancer patients that live in Selma and throughout Dallas County. 

Before this clinic opened, patients from Dallas County and surrounding areas would drive to the nearest city for treatment. These cities included Birmingham (an hour and 45-minute drive), Montgomery (an hour drive), and Prattville (a 45-minute drive). 

A sad reality with a trip of that length is that it’s common for cancer patients to not be able to make the drive. Even if they have access to a car and a loved one to take them, some that need cancer treatment may not have the means to travel. 

“Sadly, some wouldn’t and don’t go anywhere [for cancer treatment], because they can’t travel,” Dr. Sengar said.  

With cancer patients being highly sensitive, at-risk, and generally fatigued, a shortened drive can make all the difference for their health and success.  A cancer clinic in Selma, Alabama, is truly the perfect solution to a desperate need in the community.

High-Quality Care, Small Town: “Real-World Medicine”

The Cancer Care Center of Selma is unique in that it delivers all of the professionalism, expertise, and resources found in a larger city, but with a local, personalized touch. 

“We know the flavor of small-town oncology delivery,” Dr. Sengar said. While transportation may not be an issue in a larger metropolis, it matters in Selma. “In small towns, people may have to travel ten to twenty miles. That’s a ‘no go’ for a lot of patients. That’s real-world medicine.”  

The team at the Cancer Care Center of Selma is experienced in working for local clinics in smaller towns. Dr. Sengar and radiation oncologist Dr. Shelby Sanford will commute to the clinic from Tuscaloosa. However, there are several members of the clinic’s staff who live in Dallas County and nearby areas.

An amazing advantage of having clinical staff members that are also members of your community is that they can emphasize and understand where you’re coming from. In Selma, cancer patients are often facing many issues. These hardships revolve around finances, insurance, transportation, and physical and emotional support throughout their cancer journey. 

“One of our strengths is that a lot of our nurses and staff are geared toward finding help” for the patients who need it, Dr. Sengar said. “It increases the workload, but it’s very satisfying to get help to a patient.” 

The vision of Alabama Cancer Care centers is “to become an eminent provider of top quality and affordable cancer care in Alabama and make it widely accessible to our local communities comparable to bigger centers and hospitals.” 

The Cancer Care Center of Selma team is prepared to help carry out this vision, lead the medical community in compassion and expertise, and be a stable support system for those who enter into their care.

Visit us at the Cancer Care Center of Selma

At the Cancer Care Center of Selma, we will go above and beyond to take care of our patients and their families with personalized care that extends far beyond just treating cancer. With our center, you have the choice to remain local. We have a qualified team of Physicians, Radiation Therapist, Nurses, Medical Assistants, and other staff members. Our team will truly know you by your name and not a number on a chart. Call us at 334-375-4777 to schedule an appointment.