Astrid Belalcazar, MD at Alabama Cancer Care

Meet Dr. Astrid Belalcazar: Montgomery’s New Hematologist Oncologist

Alabama Cancer Care, we pride ourselves on having some of the best oncologists and medical professionals in the field. When you receive treatment at our centers, you’re interacting with qualified, experienced doctors and medical teams that truly care about your health.

Dr. Astrid Belalcazar is one of our experienced, compassionate doctors. While Dr. Astrid is new to Alabama Cancer Care’s Montgomery office, she has extensive experience in Hematology and Oncology and we’re delighted to have her on our team. 

Montgomery’s Newest Oncologist: Dr. Astrid Belalcazar


Background and Education


Dr. Astrid Belalcazar completed her fellowship in Hematology and Medical Oncology at Emory University. Her career path to become a Hematologist Oncologist started at the University of Miami where she was part of a clinical research cancer team. Then, she joined the Internal Medicine program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) where she completed her residency.

While at Emory University, in addition to her clinical training, Dr. Astrid was involved in cancer research and published multiple medical articles in the fields of basic and clinical research. She practiced as an oncologist in Maine for two years before joining the Alabama Cancer Care team. 

Currently, Dr. Astrid lives with her husband and dog in Montgomery, Alabama. She spends her days in our Montgomery office as well as our partner office in Troy, Alabama. Prior to joining Alabama Cancer Care, Dr. Astrid was a practicing Hematologist Oncologist in Maine. As a result? She has been thrilled with our mild winter and in her free time, Dr. Astrid enjoys spending time with her family and taking weekend trips with her husband.

Her Journey to Becoming a Hematologist Oncologist


For Dr. Astrid, a passion for Oncology runs in the family. Her father also was an Oncologist, and seeing his work impact their community made a lasting impression on her.

“Looking back, I had so much exposure to Oncology at a young age, and I’m so grateful,” Dr. Astrid says. “My dad worked long hours and was always happy to see his patients. I never heard him complain or get upset. He really believed what he was doing was worth it.”

Dr. Astrid believes that the desire to pursue Oncology “just clicked” for her. After extensive schooling and training and practicing in the Northeast, Dr. Astrid is excited to be back in the South, working with the Alabama Cancer Care Center of Montgomery. 

“This is my first time working at a small clinic, and the experience has been way above all of my expectations,” says Dr. Astrid. 

Alabama Cancer Care of Montgomery

Something impactful Dr. Astrid experienced in Montgomery was interacting with the medical staff in the Montgomery clinic that had spent over ten years working there. The team had fallen in love with working at the clinic and were loyal to staying for many years. The family atmosphere of the clinic, paired with the trust that the patients have with the staff, is beyond what you’d find at a larger facility.

At the Montgomery clinic, Dr. Astrid has seen the staff go above and beyond to take care of patients. Patients will greet nurses by name, while the staff ensures everyone feels like family. 

Dr. Astrid believes that getting to know each patient as a person, and having a community, helps with the whole experience and the patient’s satisfaction of care. She believes in meeting each patient with compassion, understanding, and education.

“A lot of patients don’t understand why they’re referred to the center, and they are very nervous and worried at their initial visit,” says Dr. Astrid. “The first thing I do when meeting a new patient is to ask their understanding of why they are here and listen. Then, I will share and address their concerns. Listening first and then sharing information can bring worries down and decrease their anxiety.” 

Each medical professional at our clinics operates on knowledge, confidence, and compassion. If you’re looking for top-quality care in your community, schedule an appointment with your nearest Alabama Cancer Care center.

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